Michael Jackson Rehearsed the Night before he passed away

o2arena-leftMichael Jackson Rehearsed the Night before he passed away


MJJ rehearsed the night before his death and it was said to have gone smoothly and he seemed very healthy at the time.  It is said that his manager said he did 10 or 11 songs and performed as he sang and dance not at full strength as expected at this type of rehearsal.  He passed the physicals for the O2 concerts and the shows were insured.  People in the circle of Michael said he was healthy the night before his death.


The O2 concert was set to begin on 13 July 2009, the tickets are in the plans to being refunded as Sony and AEG sent their condolences to the family.


By the way I heard something today very interesting, most of us or at least I thought that the “This is it tour” was meant as Michael Jackson’s last tour but actually what he was saying is if the world does not get its act together than this is it for the world.  The fact of the matter is he planned to extend this tour 3 to 5 years, this does not sound like the ideas of a man expecting to die.


It was reported that the live-in doctor Conrad Murray was interviewed by police and the family is calling for a second autopsy.  There is speculation that Dr. Murray may have killed Michael due to negligence.  I do not know what but something happened the day of Michael’s death that is still not clear, was it homicidal negligence?




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  1. I gew up with his music in the 1980s. My favorite video is “Smooth Criminal”.

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