Does Michael Jackson have a Death Certificate?

The Jackson'sDoes Michael Jackson have a Death Certificate?


I was reading up on some conspiracy theories, this one is deep.  Michael Jackson faked his death.  Check out the hyperlink it is interesting and wishful thinking.  In any case no doctor signed Michael death certificate, so is he really legally dead?  Then we have the coroner who says we have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to see the result as to the cause of death.  I ask does Michael Jackson have a death certificate.


Then there is speculation on the last will and testament that was drawn allegedly in 2002.  How can they get to a last well and testament into probate court without a death certificate?


Then we all know that the doctor is a clear case of negligence, because Michael did not buy his medications on the streets, so how is he not under investigation unless no crime was committed.  Can you have killed someone who has no death certificate and is known to the world?


Like I said, I remember Michael saying he would pull a disappearing act and one day we would never see him again.


Personally I think Michael Jackson is dead as we know him forever, but did he have enough money to die without termination?  Hell they give witness protection to people who snitch out mobsters and fake their death and these people have nothing but what the government provide for them.  Hell Michael is a billionaire and well connected.  We have to watch this one with scrutiny.  


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    • I think he is gone; however I am between a preponderance of evidence and a reasonable doubt. I cannot testify in court that Michael is dead, can you? Where is the death certificate? You sound like you want him dead like so many others.

  3. If you knew Michael a bit better, you would have known he would never make this to its childrens. Are you suggesting Paris faked this last memorial speech? Don’t let tabloids get you. Michael is dead but its music will live forever.

  4. How are we to know that these are his real kids?
    Michael Jackson had many many look alikes, he could have very easily vanished through these look alikes.
    Notice that when you tell one lie you have to keep covering it up with another lie. Michael is a very clever man and he spent so much time alone to have sat thought this big death through. If you behind the truth you will see a whole lot of lies. Also believe all that see and none of you hear. I have heard that he is dead but I have not seen his dead body nor have I seen a death certificate. I have seen any real tears. I saw User cry but he’s an actor. Brook Shields get for real she dumped Michael after he gave her an engagement ring.
    I am so glad that these pple are not fooling me.

  5. Any real fan of Michael Jackson will accept that he is dead even if they believe he is alive. Why? As a dead man he will finally have peace if on earth. And for $85 Million in death taxes he paid a hell of a price for his freedom. So we say Michael is dead!

    RIP – MJJ

  6. I believe MJ is no longer with us however there is a lot of shadiness and suspicious activity surrounding his “death” so I wouldn’t put it past me the possibility of him still being around

  7. i am 51 and there is still a part of mr that wishes he were alive, not so much for myself but for his children because they were his life, he loved them with aa he had. i grew up listening to michael and watching him work his charm he was and is a fantastic and beautiful man , he would never hurt anyone all you would have to do is look in his eyes and see that. so michael if your here or gone just know thaat my love as well as millions more are sent to you,,,, nancy

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