Michael Jackson Got A Hot Shot?

jackson_doctor_visitsMichael Jackson got A Hot Shot?


Dr. Conrad Murray may have been setup to be the fall guy, which he will be, the answer may be a question he has not realized he knows.  Whoever put him in the situation and position to get that close to Michael is probably the culprit.  I think Dr. Murray took on an illegal job to feed Michael drugs and he gave him a hot shot and like everyone is speculating tried to cover it up because what he did was illegal in the first place and Michael was already dead when the 911 call was made.  Did UCLA Hospital measure his temperature to determine the actual time he was dead?  If not they need to explain why?  Michael was dead when he entered the ambulance I believe.




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  1. From different newspapers what I have learned that MJ’s personal doctor used give her number of painkillers on very same day. Some of those were so lethal that taking more than one could cause instant death. That SOB Murray has taken away MJ from us……

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