MJJ Conspiracies – JDJJ – Jordan Lies may not be educated

MJJ and JDJJMJJ Conspiracies – JDJJ – Jordan Lies may not be educated


MJJ Conspiracies


What I am about to do I cannot even speak on, it is big sort of like feeding 4,000 on 7 loafs of bread, a few small things can become huge and that said!  People do not realize but what is going on with Michael Jackson is strange.  I guess he was pronounced dead, but I thought the pronouncement comes after the signing of the death certificate, in his case a billionaire there was no doctor to sign the death certificate?  Then the coroner was waiting 6 to 8 weeks for the cause of death.  Someone responded to the article on conspiracy theories and people are judging the messenger instead of reading the message.


Jordan Chandler can be an uneducated Liar


Like the article about Jordan Chandler confession to a lie, people are observing the grammar, nobody said Jordan was educated they said he was a liar, what does good grammar has to do with telling lies as a child?  What does quoting screwed up grammar has to do with the Associated Press credibility?   There are people who cannot spell worth a shit that does not mean they are not habitual liars.  I mean like my sister Ella said, “why no black children claimed he molested them,” is it a white thing as in racism, yes I pulled the race card.


Is Janet Pissed off


What I have to do is write more stuff for Janet, but I pissed her off I guess.  Whenever I say something bad she reminds me for months, why do I do it, I guess I am plain stupid or cannot help but to express my feelings, but she is a prime example of someone who lies too much and they be lies I can see right through, like warrior-princess said, Janet surrounds herself with dummies and has done so for a long time and it looks like Michael was surrounded by criminals in the form of drug peddling doctors


Message of the Day


You can, if you wish, play by the rules this year, but why stack the odds against you when, by ignoring the rules, you can increase your chances of success a hundredfold? Make up your own rules as you go along.

Someone will try to blame you for a mistake that was mainly, if not wholly, down to them today. Don’t let them get away with it. Sometimes you can be too timid for your own good. Shout about the injustice.


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