Can Janet and the Jackson Five pull off the O2 Shows

Janet #24Can Janet and the Jackson Five pull off the O2 Shows


I read an article about the Jackson Family replacing Michael in the O2 Concerts in London.  I read that it was under real discussion and consideration by with AEG Live the promoter of the shows and the Family.  I made a comment that is taking too long to go through moderations so I thought I would just write my own article about such a show.  They are considering using laser technology to put Michael on the stage with the rest of the family and hopefully Latoya will be included as well as Randy.  I think Janet as a replacement for Michael as a farewell to the fans would be a great idea and the addition of Michael performances would be very entertaining and give the family some rest in between.  I think they could do Michael songs very well, of course not as good as the King of Pop himself but as a team add a new dimension that Michael alone could not.  With Michael laser shows in between and some new material by both Michael and Janet it would be a great show and they would be able to pull 50 shows with ease. 


Comment to O2 Replacement Idea


I think the laser technology idea is the future of concerts that would be called “a virtual concert.”  I think an enclosure will be necessary however. I think as a package it is a great idea.  However it would require a postponement to properly prepare.  The only question is was the ticket sales for a Michael Jackson presentation or a live performance?  This would qualify as a Michael Jackson Virtual Concert presentation avoiding refunds.  I like it!  And it would not conflict with the deal with AllGood Entertainment, whom could be made a deal to present it on the big screen on the 4th of July 2010 all over the world at a theater near you; this would be a good thing for the fans to say farewell. I’d pay to see this one!


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