Michael Joseph Jackson Died Intestate Major SNAFU in Last Will


Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson and UnknownMichael Joseph Jackson Died Intestate Major SNAFU in Last Will


On page four there is major error.  OK the will should end with the witnesses’ signatures that is not shown but assumed to be in the empty space.


Here is where they screwed up, on page 4 it says on section VIII and I quote:


On the date written below, Michael Joseph Jackson, declare us the undersigned…


Problem the date is above the name Michael Joseph Jackson, I believe Michael dead intestate.  Furthermore he signs his initial on each section or page, but not his full initials MJJ, which is his trademark, he signed MJ we have to ask why?  Was he under duress?  Was a gun to his head?  Was this his way of telling us something is wrong?


And the optional provision concerning said initials was not mentioned in the will at all.  Usually when you use this provision it is stated or at least should be assumed that any section absent of it is not valid.  Is a partial initial a valid authentication?


I smell a fish; I would contest the will if it is not in the family favor.  His estate should go to his family under the law of having no will  And check out the definition of children under California law, by law he raised them but under intestate regulations they are not his children because  they are not DNA or adopted by law.  You cannot simply buy children, they are not Debbie’s biological children or his and were not adopted by either of them, they were simply purchased at a laboratory and their biological parents are now known.


Under the law of intestate a child is either a person who is your biological child or was legally adopted.  In this case neither criterion qualifies.


Another Problem


Bear with me it has been a while since I studied Estates, Trusts and Wills.  What I do not understand is why they closed the will saying they know Michael is in sound mind and bunch of unnecessary bullshit about not being under duress; let me show you how it should have been done:


    I, so and so a resident of so and so, California, being of sound mind and memory and at least eighteen (18) years of age, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking all prior wills and codicils at any time heretofore made by me.



Notice the most important point about this bullshit will, Michael has to make the statement that he is of Sound Mind and Memory and not them saying he is of sound mind to the best of their knowledge, Michael could have been high on drugs for all they knew.  This was not the work of a competent lawyer.





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