Janet has to invite me into her life & the Final Settlement

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Frank Paul Gambino 004Janet has to invite me into her life & the Final Settlement

Message of the Day

You seem reluctant to embark on a course of action you know would bring you enormous pleasure. Why? Because you fear what others might say? Get over it. One hundred years from now who is going to know, or care?

Mind planet Mercury joins the Sun in the most dynamic area of your chart today, so there can be no more excuses: if you did not know what it was you wanted before, you certainly know what you want now. So take it.

I admit I have a couple of offers on the table, I have been talking to women to see what it is they demand for me to be a part of their lives and one wants a lot of attention for herself and another wants a b child and lot of attention for the child and you say it like a bad thing to not want to embark on either course of action, because of what others might say.  You are as nutty as them.


I need a helpmate and not a new channel of focus; I want to write screenplays and write songs and would love to get paid for it.  I think aside from saving the damn world, these are the accomplishments I am bound to achieve.  The commonality of Janet Jackson is she does what I want to be a part of and actually have done as a ghost, as my accomplishments are huge but my public credits are so small to nonexistent.  It is about time I get my just due proper respect.  As it amazes me as to what Michael’s death did for his career.  Do I have to die to get my just due and proper respect?


You have no idea as to what will bring me enormous pleasure and to say such a thing makes me wonder about you spiritually, as it seems you put a moment of pleasure above the soul.  I should not have to take anything, when one gives freely he should also receive freely, let us not start thinking small now, must I remind you of the goal?


To: President George W. Bush & the United States Congress

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Opening Statement to Final Settlement Request

Date 11 July 2007


This is the foundation of what I want for myself, my family and my men.  I wrote this around 22 August 2006.  I think the best time to get serious about the negotiations is after I go home.  I do not want to chance us finding another excuse for me to stay away from my wives. Once I go home we will get a KEY and get the information I am not conscious of, there should be a lot of numbers and information tuck away in my mind, that will require a KEY to get to it.


I do not want a bunch of liquid capital; I want my money invested into the economy.  By printing more money the value of the dollar will go down and the price of American goods will become more competitive.  Buy American will make economic sense!


NOTE: Printing money is unnecessary we will actually be giving money back to the government.


I get a Presidential Pardon before we release cures to diseases & other Technologies:


Updated: 11 July 2007:


Business Handlers

#1: My Administration

#2: Freemasons Board & Knights of Columbus

#3: Heads of the Five Families of New York

#4: Queensbridge Administrators – The Gallo Family which is the sixth family

#5: Crips & Bloods Board under one Banner – The Freemasons

#6: Board of Clergymen Leaders

#7: Lawyers ($5 billion Legal Fees Fund) – Help people being released from prison and establish estates

#8: Accounting Firms

#9: Business Management Firms



Western Corporation

#1: Lending Institution

#2: Insurance Company

#3: Land (Farms and Agriculture)

#4: Construction Companies

#5: Trucking Companies

#6: Warehouses

#7: Supermarkets

#8: Packing Plant

#9: Sugar, Salt and Flour Production Plant


Media and Entertainment

#1: Paramount Pictures (Pictures)

#2: Warner Music Group & EMI or Paramount Music (Music)

#3: Warren Communications (Newspapers) will expand

#4: Clear Channel Communications

#5: Casinos & OTB (Gambling) will make profitable

#6: New York Knickerbockers (Added to List) for the kids

#7: Cable Companies (Added to List)

#8: Control of Hotels in New York City / Legalized Casio Gambling will give men something constructive to do.


Energy and Transportation

#1: Oil Company (Energy) will develop an alternative form of energy and our cars will be designed to use it.

#2: Heavy Stock in General Motors (Auto) will design cars for them

#3: Car Dealerships (Added to List)



#1: Undeveloped Land (For Real Estate & Wood)

#2: Gambino Research Facility (Technology & Pharmaceuticals) (25%)

#3: Federal Prison: Located in Florida

#4: Federalized Crips:  Former members of Covert Operations and Elite Units




If people break the rules, I figure we can just send out the Federal Crips and put them in prison, until they get it right.


From here they can just select businesses they want to get into.  I think this is a very good foundation.


RE: First Settlement Request


The settlement is $500 Billion.  My cut is $50 Billion.  I will use this to settle with my family, friends and certain organizations.  If Bill Gates can have this kind of money so can I.  I will disperse about $25 Billion to $30 Billion to all parties. I will use the $450 Billion to settle everyone else.  I will settle with the African Americans (Jews) that I see eye to eye with; the rest can fight for their reparations, I do not care. Also, I will settle with the Gentiles.  Basically I will settle with the Church, being those who will support our cause.  I think this is a fair deal, considering Iraq!


The way I see it, I will have about $250 Billion to $270 Billion after I take care of my men and women, to settle with the church.  Those who are called Jews as far as I am concerned are actually Gentiles, but if they insist on being Jews so be it, because I will treat all members of the church the same way.  In the same way I will establish a bank to settle with my men; I will also establish a bank for them.


My annual budget will be based on the interest payments of my total assets, which will be 20%; this will allow me to support the economy instead of trying to monopolize it.  Plus I want 25% of the profits made by the Gambino Enterprises, being the two research divisions.  The other 75% will go to share holders.  I will pay taxes on my income and then do charity with the balance minus the rate of inflation which will accumulate into my estate to maintain the actual value of my assets.  My settlement is after taxes, it does not make sense to print the money to tax me, you figure out what the taxes is and add to the settlement.  Everyone else will pay their taxes out of the settlement. 


Lending Power: $4.5 Trillion


#1: Frank Paul Jones

#2: Paul Castellano

#3: Frank Paul Gotti

#4: Frank Paul Gambino

#5: Capstone Zulu

#6: King Jesus Paul Solomon

#7: Name not to be announced to Public



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