The Jackson Family will be respected in the Probate Process

Janet in Royal ColorsThe Jackson Family will be respected in the Probate Process


Frank Paul Gambino says:


I made some important discoveries over the last few days, which I think are very critical, but things develop everyday concerning Michael’s estate.  When it comes to this estate I have to stay on my toes, it is a battle I cannot afford to lose in behalf of the Jackson Family.  So far I used my intellectual abilities in interpretation processes.  I processed the information I have and came to the conclusion that the will is invalid and we should recognize the trust but not the said trustees in the will.  I think the control of $100 in charities is huge considering it will be done in a later date and investments will be made prior to its disbursement.  I heard Mother Katherine is going to let Janet handle it and act as trustee, if so as long as she listens to what I am telling her and seek the advice of a lawyer prior to making any moves she should be fine.  I am good at what I do and will not lead her astray


I want them to setup a Michael Jackson Family Trust clock and monitor Michael estate on-time meaning know its growth at the moment’s inquiry.  I think 40% to the children, 40% to Mother Katherine and 20% to charities is fair.  Under California Law both parents are responsible to support their children.  So I think we should make a counter motion if Debbie makes a motion for monies to support those children, they should not have to support themselves out of their part of the trust solely, there should be support from both sides especially if Debbie motions for guardianship.


Like I said I want to reverse the motion to probate as intestate, because he did have a trust, but no will, so like I said I do not recognize the chosen trustees in the will, because the will is full of errors and Michael never stated he was in sound mind and memory which is a perquisite to the writing of a will.  They made the statement in his behalf and that is a no go.


Finally, I think it is time to deploy some muscle to California, my personal presence is not necessary.  I understand from my visit to Los Angeles that the Gambino Family has been allowed to operate within their territory and the Crips are friends and  we may have to make a show of strength, people are not fighting the Jackson Family they are fighting the Gambino Family in their behalf and they will show due respect me and my men or they may just as well sleep and  be terminated.  This is not an order to kill or murder but playing hardball has just been sanctioned.  I do not want to hear pussy ass bullshit!


The Message of the Day


Trust your own instincts over the coming 12 months, even if they are at odds with expert opinion. You have so many questions, but deep down you have the answers too. Your Higher Self will enlighten you, if you let it.

Be wary of people who promise you the world. Is it really theirs to give? A Mercury-Pluto link warns you won’t get the best of the deal, no matter how good they make it sound. A polite “No, thank you” is the best response.


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