Blessing of Studio & a new Blockbuster Screen in the works

Frank Paul Gambino 011Blessing of Studio & a new Blockbuster Screen in the works


Now they say AEG Live had a $17.5 million insurance policy in the case of an accidental death of Michael Jackson with the Lloyds of London, so I guess there is no actual losses just not gains, because I am certain Michael had a life insurance policy it was mentioned in his will and the stage production should not go to waste, maybe a month or two delay might allow for something to be put together very entertaining and they can present something in between.  That said!


The sudden death of Michael will cause me to pick up my pen and write another story.  It will be fictional and not about Michael but with some parallels, I know the end of it already, I should be able to do this in about a month of two maximum.


I had planned to write a documentary dramatization this summer, but I think this screenplay has to be written.  I realize a lot of people will be writing about Michael now, but I think my story will stand out, because it will be so different from the rest.  I think “Everybody had Demons” was well written and this will be even more interesting, the screen is based on a vision I had.


Today I am supposed to meet with the Underground Movement today and try to get them started.  My friend is in the process of opening a Fish and Soul Food Restaurant and plans to put a studio in the basement and that is where I come in.  So I am busy ands perhaps overwhelmed, but think I can handle it.  I am not going to publicly mention anything about the screenplay to be written, but I will keep my circle in the loop, but this is the type of screenplay that has to be done on the down low to avoid duplications, I informed Janet of my intentions, she is all right with it.


Message of the Day


You will discover a new interest over the next year or so, something no one would have guessed would attract you. A hidden side to your personality is about to come to the surface. It will change your life for the better.



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