Michael Jackson King of Pop ®

MJJ rehearsalMichael Jackson King of Pop ®


I am tired of hearing how much the Beatles catalog is worth, upwards to $1 Billion.  Michael sold close to 800 Million records and is the hottest thing in music since himself.  So why we do not we hear about the Michael Jackson catalog and its value?


Did you know Michael has a trademark on his name with the United Sates Trademark and Patent Office?  I mean how much is the name Michael Jackson worth.  I mean from the 200 songs unreleased to the possibility of a Michael Jackson museum.  Any business done is his name has to be approved, unlike Dr. King for example whose family waited years  to copyright his material and still may not have trademark the name Dr. King, any commercial use of Michael’s name has to respect the trademark.


The name Michael Joseph Jackson ® can be worth billions over the years.  Michael intellectual property should not be undervalued and if so the undervalued assets should be what the Jackson family swipes up.  I take the Michael catalog over a Beatles catalog any day as far as the bang for the buck and the name Michael Jackson ® cannot be worth a penny under one billion dollars.  The Jackson family has to be aware of how his estate is valued and go for the bang for the buck and perhaps let go of the over-valued stuff to pay off the debts, to keep some liquid capital.  I am sick of hearing about the Beatles their fan base has all the money now but is the over the hill gang.  They are the baby boomers and will soon fade away.  If the Beatles is worth 1 Billion Dollars Michael catalog has to be worth 3 Billion Dollars, his catalog has longevity as some is yet to be realized by the public.


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