Screenplays, Social Life & Investment Capital

Denzel Washington Screenplays, Social Life & Investment Capital


There are a lot of things taking place more important than a social life, people testing nuclear bombs, jet planes falling into the sea, the death of MJJ and others, AIDS, wars and the list goes on.


Message of the Day

Your social scene may be a bit boring at the moment but the planets indicate that it will get a lot more interesting between now and next weekend. Chances are you will look back in a few days time and wish it was boring all over again!

I need more investment capital; I have a friend opening a fish and soul food restaurant, in a neighborhood of over 10,000 with only Chinese’s restaurants in the area, whereby he is loved in the hood and it is predominantly black in populations.  I know most restaurants fail in the first 6 months, because it takes time to make a profit, I want my friends to help Carl Alston in any way possible in Queensbridge our mothers were like sisters.  There are very few black businesses out there this is no pork it is a necessity and has to be established and succeed.  That said; he has my blessing.

 Janet & Alicia

I admit I have to learn to socialize again but it has to be business oriented, I am all about networking now it is time to make the business moves.  Like I said the best thing for me to build up on is intellectual property, as I said I am about to write another script and again I want to write Janet and Alicia into the screen, though the screen is totally different  from everybody has demons.  Actually these roles will be easier for them to play.

Prince in Purple Rain 

I have not decided as to whether to give the leading role to a woman or man, I probably will not start writing for about a week, I am leaning towards a man this time with Janet and Alicia in supporting roles, I am even considering requesting the services of Prince in this one again in a supporting role, the person I wanted in the leading role showed no repeat to Michael’s BET Tribute; I believe because of his associations, so I just assume find someone else, Janet knows who I am talking about.  Again I want Denzel Washington to direct the movie.


This one should honestly be finished by summer’s end, because I cannot abandon my home recording studio during the process, I have to allocate a certain amount of hour a day to the screen.  That said….


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