The Jackson Family Must Hire Estates, Trust & Wills Specialist

katherine-jacksonThe Jackson Family Must Hire Estates, Trust & Wills Specialist

Part of Section VIII of MJJ Last Will


            Each of us is now more than eighteen (18) years of age and competent witness and resides at the address set forth after his name.

                 Each of us is acquainted with Michael Joseph Jackson.  At this time, he is over eighteen (18) years and, to the best of our knowledge he is found of sound mind and is not acting under duress, menace, fraud, misinterpretation and undue influence.


Anyone with a reasonable legal background can see this will is not legally binding, Michael never stated he was  of sound mind and memory and all that other stuff about not acting under duress, menace, fraud, misinterpretation and undue influence creates suspicions, because it was not necessary.


MICHAEL Jackson got so spaced out on drugs that he could not lift a fork to his mouth at dinner, his former manager has revealed.


“Dieter Wiesner, who managed the late Thriller star from 1996-2003, claims his drug use spun out of control as child sex abuse allegations piled up.”  He should be questioned as to the state of mind of Michael about July 2002.


Meanwhile Mother Katherine Jackson was denied her request to continue to control Michael’s estate and two of the three men named in the will were name trustees until Aug 3rd, 2009 when another hearing will take place, Berry Siegel resigned and I think he should be questioned as to the day of the creation and validity of said will.  For all we know Michael could have been high on anything; he never said he was of sound mind and memory. And Michael is said to have has serious drug problems at the time.


However, “An attorney for Katherine Jackson said the pop star’s mother was not contesting the validity of the 2002 will, but was “concerned” that the men named as executors, lawyer John Branca and music executive John McClain, might not be “the proper people.” “Her concern is about handing over the keys to the kingdom this quickly to this group,” said lawyer John E. Schreiber.”  That said!


Janet Jackson was not available for comment as she was preparing for her brother’s burial.




Today many will pay their last respects to Michael Joseph Jackson at a memorial service will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the family is said to plan a separate funeral service for Michael on a later date  Rest in Peace Michael, but for the Jackson Family the fight just begun, do not get beat in a state of mourning by unscrupulous business men who play on weaknesses.


Message of the Day

You will be inspired to go above and beyond your usual limits over the coming 12 months and the more others say you don’t stand a chance the more determined you will be to prove them wrong. You’ll amaze them, and yourself, by how much you achieve.


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  1. i am sorry but i do not believe this the death certificate was not signed still not signed by a doctor in some ways we believe that he is setting his family up for a scam and fall he believe either may be dead or alive we have very deep evidence to it also the will the signiture does not match the signiture from a 2003 court document we found so if anyone has any question please ask and la toya was found lieng again and got paid to talk so if you would like to take a look at what we over 100,000 world ppl from all over the world have come up with check this out

    • The Question of Law: Can all three witnesses be both the executors and trustees of the estate assigned by the will they witnessed solely. The exception to the rule is to act in a fiduciary capacity and not two separate and distinct fiduciary capacities. I do not think the law was intended for all three witnesses to act as both executors and trustees to the same estate.

  2. Why in the FBI files, passport, drivers lic and other legal docs is his name

    Michael Joe Jackson

    (page – 7 in above link)

    however, in the “death certificate”, autopsy report and (fake) Will his name is:

    Micheal Joseph Jackson

    Why would they not use his legal name??? or is this a different person – whos name is Micheal Joseph Jackson…

    next point — Darrick Morgan, where is he now? There seems to be something fishy about him – and then he was gone….

    Moving forward, when I look at pictures of Michael Jackson over the years – he keeps changing physically > broad shoulders to narrow build, square jaw line to softer lines, wide wild eyes to gentler softer eyes.

    It is very clear there is more than one individual posing as Michael Jackson in the public realm. Sorry if I offend anyone – however his height even changes. One pic his is taller than Joe Jackson, another he is shorted than Joe… really a fully grown man changes height like that….

    I think there is more details missing here;

    So is it possible that “Micheal Joseph Jackson” is a corporation with several employees that are look-a-likes and one of them died? That MJJ used this as an opportunity to create the illusion that he died?

    People are busy watching the show, and he exist to the left.

    Maybe this is a missing link, there is a plane that left LAX on June 25th – but it does not say if it landed. – says “unknown” so why is the plane in the air for 5 hours? what they took the scenic route????

    ok – looking forward to your thoughts on these questions….

    I am not crazy – just don’t like when I see so many inconsistencies in the details.

    Just too many odd things being done and said by people. And if you look in their eyes – they seem to be holding something back.

    What is the question….


    LAX-GDL Mexicana 08:30 08:44 13:35 13:39 ~ Unknown


    lax flight status june 25 2009

    go to the first link;

    Flights Affected By Delay at LAX

    for some reason the link is not showing up in my comment to you; that is odd…

  4. ok one more odd thing

    (you have to sign on to see this one but worth it)

    that plane that disappeared: here are the flight events – notice how the status at the end on the 26th goes from “active” to “unknown” – curious why it is not “landed” like all the others..

    MX 927 Flight Events
    This section shows the various changes that were made to the information about the flight including the time the source was changed as well as the data source that caused the change. The date and time information in the Data Updated section are in airport local time.
    Date UTC (1st time),LAX(2nd time), GDL (3rd time) Source Event Data Updated

    Jun 22 8:34 AM 1:34 AM 3:34 AM Schedules RecordCreated

    Jun 24 3:36 PM 8:36 AM 10:36 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    Scheduled Runway Departure Changed To 06/25/09 08:41 AM
    Estimated Runway Departure Changed To 06/25/09 08:41 AM
    Scheduled Runway Arrival Changed To 06/25/09 01:32 PM
    Estimated Runway Arrival Changed To 06/25/09 01:32 PM

    Jun 25 2:36 PM 7:36 AM 9:36 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 06/25/09 01:32 PM To
    06/25/09 01:35 PM

    Jun 25 3:49 PM 8:49 AM 10:49 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    Estimated Runway Departure Changed From 06/25/09 08:41 AM To
    06/25/09 08:44 AM

    Jun 25 3:49 PM 8:49 AM 10:49 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 06/25/09 01:35 PM To
    06/25/09 01:38 PM

    Jun 25 3:49 PM 8:49 AM 10:49 AM FAA STATUS-Active
    Actual Runway Departure Changed To 06/25/09 08:44 AM
    Status Changed From Scheduled To Active

    Jun 25 3:59 PM 8:59 AM 10:59 AM FAA Time Adjustment
    Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 06/25/09 01:38 PM To 06/25/09 01:39 PM

    Jun 25 4:40 PM 9:40 AM 11:40 AM ATCSCC Linked Airport Delay(s)
    Link(s) created using departure date 06/25/09 08:30

    Jun 26 7:09 AM 12:09 AM 2:09 AM FlightHistory STATUS-Unknown
    Status Changed From Active To Unknown

    Jun 26 7:09 AM 12:09 AM 2:09 AM FlightHistory Final Task

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