Contacted Main Media Possible MJJ Criminal Investigation

Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson and UnknownContacted Main Media Possible MJJ Criminal Investigation


I plan to relay this information to political figures; I do not have much to say today I am busy networking the main media and the politicians.  Here is what I am claiming.  It is not funny anymore if it ever was!



Michael Jackson was in Harlem July, 6th, 2002.


Michael Jackson speaks out against the then CEO of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola, in Harlem, New York on July 6th 2002 – Video with Al Sharpton

July 7, 2002] Michael calls Tommy Mottola a racist

Multi=platinum singer Michael Jackson, already feuding with his record company, charged Saturday that the recording industry was a racist conspiracy that turns profits at the expense of performers — particularly minority artists.

Michael was in New York City with Johnnie Cochran Jr. and Al Sharpton on 6 July 2002.  If a will was made in fear of these battles with Tommy Mottola and Sony, why make a will with incompetent people and he when had Johnnie in his corner.  He had to consult with him.  Trace Michael from New York City on 6 July 2002.  This is 2:00 pm New York City time and he had to take a 6 hour flight which means he had to leave New York City by about 6 am Monday to California to go straight to them.  Do you buy this?  I smell a fish.


The alleged will was executed 7 July 2002 at 5:00PM in Los Angeles


Message of the Day

Throw caution to the wind and make the next 12 months of your life a year to remember for all the right reasons. You have a plan, you have a timetable, and you have an objective to aim for. Now all you need is the courage to start — and the confidence to keep going.

Your confidence has rarely been higher, to the extent that you honestly believe all things are possible — and they are. Also, you seem to know just when to push your luck and when to hold back. It’s a winning combination.


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