Death and Genuine Love

Janet, Latoya & RebbieDeath and Genuine Love


I will start on my new screenplay this weekend, they are usually about 1:40 hrs to 2:00 hrs long with a little imagination that are not too hard to put together.  I have a formula that works for me.  However as my creative side is at the leading post, I am neglecting the business side and the reality of the matter where income is concerned I am a one man band, so I do not really expect and would be surprised to be compensated for anything I have done because I did not put anything on the market. I simply have been creating and I really think this next screen will be very entertaining and have a real storyline.  I am stocking up on intellectual property.


I still have not completely accepted Michael’s death, I guess that is how I deal with death, I do not know if it is my closeness with God or my way of dealing with losing people I care about.  I do not believe my mother is dead or John J. Gotti is dead, personally I do not believe in death.  I hear John Jr. has kidney stones and is in need of medical care and Steve McNair found the wrong woman to turn out, it sounds like he was cheating on his wife who he put first and was playing house with a young lady who wanted his all, that he did not have to give.  Whatever the case it was bad enough for her to kill him and then herself.  That is the problem I have, sometimes I want to play house but I do not have my whole self to give to anyone as long as I am all for Janet.  And playing house is dangerous with the wrong woman.  Women want genuine love.



Message of the Day

The efforts you put in and the sacrifices you made earlier in the year will be rewarded today. Don’t let those who have not been so lucky tell you that your good fortune is not deserved. It didn’t just happen — you made it happen.


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  1. Child abuse campaigner Stuart Syvret arrested while Michael Jackson is glorified!

    We’re outraged that Senator Stuart Syvret has been arrested in Jersey. Stuart is a brave campaigner fighting for the justice of Jersey child abuse victims. This in a week when child abuser Michael Jackson is being glorified. If we want to protect our children this is the news that we should all be outraged by.

    Pie ‘n’ Mash Films support Stuart 100%. As he states on his blog “Stuart Syvret to be Arrested and Charged For Publishing the Truth. Eleven Child Rapists and Batterers To be let-off.” Stuart’s Blog:

  2. to janet
    hi i’m hessa from kuwait i love soo much @ i wesh to see you you are soo good @ cool i hop to see you

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