Rebbie, Latoya & Janet Jackson Thank Fans at the Nokia Theater

Rebbie, Latoya & Janet Jackson Thank Fans at the Nokia Theater


Everyone spoke about the Jackson 5 and how they were united during the Michael Jackson Memorial service, a celebration of Michael Jackson’s life.  Well the Jackson Sisters who all had solo careers, Latoya did a lot of work in Europe, Rebbie had a big hit record and then chose the family and business life and everyone knows Janet had a lustrous career spanning over 20 years.  But for some reason not even for the records they never made an album together, but have performed as a team I believe in Las Vegas for television.


I am not certain what they have planned for the future, but with all that is going on I am sure they will all be busy, because Mother Katherine might could use help especially from the women of the family and then there is the estate that will create all sorts of activities and responsibilities.


I heard Latoya was to model again this time with her clothes on and put out a clothing line for the mature working class women, Janet has a clothing line called pleasure principle, is about to film “Why did I get married too,” with Tyler Perry and is working on an album with Jimmy Jam and music programmer Tremaine Williams, it sound exciting and technologically up to date.  And there is word she might collaborate with Nelly again this time on his album.




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  1. i am still mourning the death of my hero and greatest entertainer i’ve ever known, (MICHAEL JACKSON). what is really troubling to me is that i have a lot of things in common with him being that i have a lot of songs i’ve written, despite many are not released. i ‘ve been praying for peace all my life for humanity and everything that exist even down to the point of microorganisms to hopefully get along with each other. i have also been a great fan of writers Rod Temperton, Quincy Jones and Burt Bacharach among other greats and also have hoped like with Michael Jackson, i would get a chance to share my music and lyrics with them to hopefully help make the world a better place. i, like many others who deal and struggle with demons everyday have almost totally secluded myself to resist being a hinderence to anyone’s life. i do thank God i am not the person i used to be meaning that today i’m apart of a ministry called “joy ministries in which our minisrties help build houses in mexico, go to prisons and other places to help lift others spirits up. i feel sad that God gave me a gift of communication music among other gifts and that because of lack of musical contacts, software set up musically, the world has not witnessed God’s greatness within me as of yet. My hopes is that people witness the enormous gift of music and communication God gave me to help others help each other. Donald hill jr/937-397-7035

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