MJJ © AEG Live, Sony, Disney, Trump & the Gary, Indiana the Ultimate Burial

MJJ Casket and FlowersMJJ © AEG Live, Sony, Disney, Trump & the Gary, Indiana the Ultimate Burial


Do you remember the song, going back to Indiana?  Well if Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, IN. had it his way it would become a reality in many ways.  He promised the Jackson Family a privately funded museum and would plant the house on 2300 Jackson Street smack in the middle.  The problem with burying the King of Pop is not greed but security, his body remains must be protected because it has historical value and could be stolen and that is a fact.  So does the Jackson Family take on the tab of securing his body forever or create a business venture that will make the remains of Michael secure from exploitations by unscrupulous people.


If the Jackson Family put their heads together in unification and reach out to these entities the ultimate burial can become a reality because it is sound business and offers the Jackson Family the security and peace of mind they deserve.  This is the ultimate burial site fit for the King of pop.


AEG Live:  Build a Broadway type Theater equipped with laser technology use to introduced Michael’s 200 unreleased songs, in a Broadway Show type environment stage show featuring Michael Jackson in a virtual Concert Performance through laser technology that already exist.  Sony would have to agree to release the songs this way.


Not Disney World or Disney Land, but Neverland World and amusement park under a dome with a tunnel connected to the Michael Joseph Jackson Memorial Towers.


The Michael Joseph Jackson Memorial Towers, which consist of the Neverland World under a dome and the Thriller Casino Hotel, that is a high rise building, on the top floors are casino gambling that is child safe because to get to the top floors you need access to special elevators that require adult identification cards.


The Michael Joseph Jackson Museum on the same level as the AEG Live MJJ Theater and set in the middle will be the house from 2300 Jackson Street, with memorabilia, restaurants and all types of fun and beautiful things only restricted by the imagination. 


Michael’s remains would be buried on this site in a safe and secure manner.


#1: Officially announce the decision.

#2: Move his body under the Michael Joseph Jackson Guard a 24/7 detail on 29 Aug 2009.

#3: Opening date 29 August 2010


What you think?


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