If I can be of help to Egeria and Janet so be it

Frank Paul GambinoIf I can be of help to Egeria and Janet so be it


What good is a schedule that is never falling behind?  And how do you set priorities are they based on what is more important or what is all about you?  I mean if I can help Janet and her family find a final resting place for Michael and help my sister setup a studio for those she calls her children the Underground Movement, then it was well worth not getting my 10 minutes done on my screenplay this weekend, because I know once I get the screen started the creation begins  However my vision of the MJJ burial site is huge and doable it is a matter of logistics among different entitles with a common goal.


Actually, I will make new friends or associated this weekend, in the Underground Movement.  Have you ever heard the story of the Traveling Dignitary and the Hooker?


Will you had the dignitary on the traveling path which required him to be away from his wife for a long time, so he approached a hooker and said be my freak and when I get this account settled I will give you $250,000.  She thought he was crazy playing games so every time she got with him she taxed him $40 and he paid her what she asked for.  Then one day after he stopped lying with her she heard he was truly a dignitary and she approached him and reminded him about what he offered her.  He responded to her, but you $40 me to death a prostitute receives a prostitute wages. 


That is how it will be with my old friends, every time it is give me this or that and it is petite.  Why?  Because they do not believe a word I say, so like with the prostitute I settled with them already because to my journey they are of no help and serve not real purpose.  They are dream stealers. 


The message of the Day

Make an effort to get out into the world and meet new people this year. You may not be the sort who makes friends easily but that’s okay because work and business contacts are going to be more important than socializing. Aim to make your relationships pay.

Loves ones will be incredibly demanding this weekend, so much so that you may lose your cool with those who seem to think you exist merely to satisfy their whims and desires. Good. The sooner they learn the less stressed you will be.

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