Latoya Jackson Conforms my suspicions, MJJ was Murdered

Latoya JacksonLatoya Jackson Conforms my suspicions, MJJ was Murdered


Latoya the outspoken Jackson is the first to go public with what is obvious Michael Jackson was murdered.  She thinks it was a conspiracy because he was worth more dead than alive, she said she did not think he would make it to London.


Meanwhile there are serious investigations taken place, it is suspected he was in fact murdered or an accidental overdose leading to a manslaughter case against several people code for conspiracy.  As there is the question of the validity of his final will as Debbie Rowe is trying to milk the cash cow and still it is up in the air as to where Michael’s final resting place will be.


Personally I think Michael’s burial in Gary, IN. has the potential to turn the economy around making it a major tourist attraction as the economy is heading in that direction and offer good security of his remains.  I wrote an article about that check it out.


What I found disturbing was how the negative comments got high ratings on the site that posted the article about Latoya’s opinion and the good comments got low ratings, just to show now they do not have Michael to pick on anymore, so why not pick on a woman.


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