Michael Jackson Mistakes & Learning from it

Janet at BETMichael Jackson Mistakes & Learning from it


Funny thing I read something straight out of my screenplay a day or two ago, not that anyone is trying to steal it but I need to copyright it, it is registered with the writers guild.  I met with the Underground Movement PTS, they are very inquisitive and I see work in the immediate future.  I think I am putting too much pressure on my nephew but am I?  I feel he needs to buckle down and dig in and learn that stuff, because they all are depending on his learning of the equipment?  That said I think overall it was a good and sound investment as they have a logical plan, beyond just music.


The key word is duress, this is not the time to pressure people, and I mean Michael is not even buried yet.  When I get messages like this the first person who comes to mind is Janet and she is the last person I want to breakdown in any manner.  Like my nephew I stay on his case, because I know his only problem is he is lazy and not totally focus, because he is young.  However he wants to do mature things or should I say take discipline actions so I break him down, instead of building him up, because I feel he has the wrong attitude, but soon I will ease up, it is my military mentality.  But I am not going Drill Sergeant on Janet Jackson, because of vague bullshit.


When Janet wakes up and identifies her friends from foes and realize the internet is faceless in most cases, she will see the source of her problems.  She spoke out about Michael’s drug use, which is like me jumping on a family member about drug use while I hang out with an immature drunk.  Was Michael supposed to listen to her? Meanwhile she is in the midst of scandal after scandal come on.  That said!


Michael is gone now, be it due to the entourage of yes folks and manipulators, does Janet learn from his mistake or continue down the same insane path, because bad things can happen to anyone.  Like I said I prefer to live one day at a time than be dead and legendary.  We all have to look in the mirror now, when I do I see someone getting tired.


Message of the Day

Someone has an emotional hold over you that need to be broken and you will get the chance to assert your independence this year. Don’t worry that you have relied on them so much in the past that you can’t go it alone. You’ll revel in your new-found freedom.

A highly personal situation needs to be dealt with and there may be tears before bedtime. Don’t hold back if you’ve got something to say. You may not want to hurt others’ feelings but if the truth does not come out now it will be worse later on.


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