Rebuked for talking Business & Law in a time of Mourning

 Frank Paul Gambino

Frank Paul Gambino 006Rebuked for talking Business & Law in a time of Mourning


I feel unappreciated as I put many man hours into my profession on my own time, only to be reprimanded.  When on the contrary I felt I deserved a thank you, I am told this is a time of mourning.  But from experience I learned to never sleep on the enemy, because that is when he will go on the attack.  This is real and it happened in my life and family.  I know it is new to them to lose someone so close, but take it from someone who lost the closet person to him my mother in childhood.


Mt 13:25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.


Please read in entirety


I am sorry, but my sister Ella had a terrible car accident with a truck and was the only survivor other than the driver Frank my step-pops was in mourning I was in the military, he got legal help that had a conflict of interest and as they where representing both sides, my sister should have been a multi-millionaire, but she has about 20 years in corrections.  Why because they knew he was mourning and was not thinking about the legal and business end of the situation.  She was really hurt in the accident and it took months for her to recover.


I have a degree as a paralegal studies and in industrial management two Degrees, not much but I learned the material.  I was only trying to help with what I know you are at the time incapable of dealing with now to refer to later; most of the stuff is relevant to your case.  It may seem untimely, but if you save this information of have your legal team review it, whom job is not to mourn but represent you, one day when you are no longer mourning you will thank me,  I am good for a person at my level and unsupervised.  I did not mourn over my parent’s deaths, but was probably traumatized, I think mourning is a good thing, but is not a reason to sleep or just work to not deal with it.


What you expect of yourself and what others expect of you will be two entirely different things. So who is going to be disappointed — you or them? It’s about time you made a declaration of independence. Make it now and you will never be under their thumb again.

No way are you going to keep a low profile today. You have plenty to say and lots to prove and if others resent your me-first attitude that’s too bad. Maybe you are being a bit over the top but it makes up for all the times you aimed too low.

Maybe you are right!


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