Improvise and be innovative

Frank Paul Gambino ProductionsImprovise and be innovative


When you are right you are right and sadly you are correct. I remember when I had a crew or two and I would come up with ideas and we would carry them out successfully for a profit.  But now I am told I have be a one man band or find a new band because the one I am trying to work with is not working out.  I guess Janet Jackson has her thing and is not open to newer ideas, because I fed her a lot of information and got nowhere with it and now she complains about her poor mismanagement.  So be it!  Maybe our problems are I was talking to the wind and she is hot air or just like to listen to dummies.  Which makes me a dummy for wasting my time trying to get through to her?


I got dogged out these last couple of years, hell 20 years, I got ignored and played and just maybe it is time to turn into a new direction and do things differently with a new crew that will listen to me, because you are right I have good ideas and just maybe now I have people to help me realize them the Durty Ground Entertainment, Underground Movement PTS and perhaps I might be able to bring them under  the umbrella of Gambino Productions, because some people are all for self.  But we are in the same station of life with similar ambitions.  It is worth a try and will certainly be more reward than my old ways of feeding Janet shit.  If necessary I will start from scratch.


What I gave I gave freely and those on the receiving end can take it to hell with them.  An idea for me is like a beat to Snoop Dogg, an idea?  Fuck an idea!   I know how to improvise and I can be innovative but money I am no longer sold on, because if I did not make my money already I probably will never make it but that does not mean I cannot start enjoying life, because I realize what am I waiting for?  I think I will soon stop answering these messages, I mean what has it done for me and when I do start making moves to enjoy life, I do not want anyone messing with my action.  Today I am going to a picnic that is sponsored by my employer, so I guess I get to see and meet some of my coworkers, whom are stationed all over the city and with that $uck you!


The Sun remains in the most dynamic area of your chart just one more week and you should make use of it to bring a creative project to a successful conclusion. If you don’t get it completed in the next seven days it may linger for months.

If you want to make money over the next 12 months you are going to have to knuckle down to some serious work. You may have the best ideas in the world but until you do something with them they might as well not exist. Think about it — then act.


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