Michael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment

MJJ rehearsalMichael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment


I still have not heard anything about Michael’s final resting place, hopefully for security reasons it is a tightly held secret.  Now Dr. Conrad Murray is being investigated for murder charges for supplying Michael with legal drugs illegally.  This is something that needs to be looked into in Hollywood where you have celebrities abusing prescribed medications on a large scale according to CNN.  However where I differ about Michael is I side with Latoya this time in a conspiracy theory and I think Conrad may well be a fall guy.  I think for his own protection he needs to be taken into custody for whatever reason hell an unpaid parking ticket before he is found dead.  Or offered protective custody? 


He is just a fall guy like scammer Bernie Madoff as any real gangster knows he is a snitch, because that is who they send to FCI Butner, North Carolina.  So like Madoff, he can be taken to secured location where he can start spilling the beans.  I think these Executors, Trustees and Witnesses all in one may well be a part of this conspiracy.  I was trying to open Janet’s eyes but she is talking about they are mourning, like if I am trying to profit from this shit.  The way I see it everything is on the line right now concerning the Jackson Family as we know them.


I was offended by these remarks made by Janet about me and if you knew what I know you would understand why I felt offended.  But I dropped some case law on her that needs further investigations but what is going on is like it all happened before and it is a well rehearsed script, however I did not write this one and have no idea where it is headed, but it is a real present existing dangerous situation and the stakes are in the billions.  So the whole Jackson Family has a billion reasons to be cautious.  


In any case Michael’s beneficiary’s interests in the copyrights are protected by Federal Copyright Law, which supersedes California Probate Code.  Like I said I am not a lawyer, but it goes something like “Will Bumping” Provisions of Copyright Law of 1909 Copyright act overrides will…I said enough because I am really disappointed by something that took place.





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