Will a New Janet Evolve after JD?

Janet In Royal ColorsWill a New Janet Evolve after JD?


It seems that Janet finally cut her ties with Jermaine Dupri, I do not know the guy personally, but his public persona was grimy.  All he wanted to do is drink, party and gain public attention.  He is what they call a media whore, who turned not only his life but the life of Janet Jackson into a reality show without compensation as he played it on “You Tube” instead of Fox T.V.  In the process he belittled Janet’s career and her public image.  Turning Janet into pure gossip media, to not be taken seriously?  I have to wonder if this just is another one of Jermaine Dupri’s publicity stunts or did she just assume to finally move on as we heard this song many of times, then a photo is taken and the drama is recreated.  I am waiting to her from her or her PR.


Now Michael has left us to higher grounds, which is so sad, he was entering the time in life to enjoy family and the fruits of his labor.  I do not like all the drug talk about Michael, saying he misused prescribe medications, on the streets we call it doing a doctor, whereby for the right price they will write you a prescription you do not actually qualify for or is already getting its maximum dosage.  It is illegal and perhaps Michael may save a lot of other celebrities’ lives as this practice comes under scrutiny.


Will Janet move away from the party life style and take on family life.  If there is any truth in the episode we seen with Janet and Jermaine, Janet will need to make a 180 degree turn according to a source I believe is up close to the inside loop.  I think Janet is age appropriate to raise Michael’s children and they are set for life, they just need real and positive role models in their lives.  Not a person who is allegedly a sex craved night life blooper, but who I always called the real Janet before the Rene Elizondo influence that I think was the beginning of the situation she is in now.  Once you sell sex in Hollywood that is all they expect of you and that is not the type of stuff a child should hear and read about the person whom is raising them


So I guess Janet will move back to the Encino Mansion, if she plans to ever raise Michael’s children she has to sacrifice herself now and become a part of their daily lives.  I mean anyone can come and go, but it is about being there when they have a nightmare which they will have, and it is about reassurance and stability which will become trust.  If someone does not trust you they will remain a mystery until it is too late.  The Parent/Guardian should be the first line of defense and those kids are not babies anymore, it is cruel world full of haters and they are in the molding and learning stage of life that may well determine their future characteristics. 



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