Janet and Jermaine Split a Publicity Stunt

Janet and JD #1Janet and Jermaine Split a Publicity Stunt


In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, Jermaine Dupri once again hungry for media attention puts out false rumors about him and Janet splitting up.  Personally I think this one is shameless as we all know Jermaine did not approve of Michael and Janet’s relations as he went on record for saying he wanted Janet to stay away from Michael because he was weird.  Now they say he claims he loved Michael get real, because his position was clear during the life of Michael.  Do you remember the times?


Now Janet may well become a package deal, that the little playboy may not approve of and Janet will really have to choose between family responsibility and Jermaine Dupri.  I must say he must be slinging it well or not at all, because Janet wrote me and told be the rumors are not true, I and Jermaine are together in Atlanta.  Either he is banging it good or she does not like sex at all, because for some reason she is holding on the dude in title keeping other men from pursuing her?  Or is she at it on the down low again?


So Janet is currently playing both sides being a guardian figure to Michael kids and Jermaine side kick.  It is a fact that Janet is back in Atlanta shooting “Why did I get married too,” I believe they are together in whatever type of relations they are into.  However does it really matter?  However I cannot imagine Jermaine Dupri as the father figure to Michael children, but anything is possible. 


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