Janet Jackson & Malik Yoba & Jermaine Dupri

Janet Jackson at MUSIC-BET/Janet Jackson & Malik Yoba & Jermaine Dupri


OK I admit it, I thought a Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri public split would be good for Janet and would give her a Buzz.  I mean I felt she deserved a little attention.  Yes Michael is dead and it is a great loss to the fans but even greater to Janet and his family, but the show must go on and we should mourn for the loss but also love the living and Janet certainly deserves to be loved.


Then a funny thing happened Janet got out of her character and starting saying things unusual for her personality.  My senses told me she was being coached, so I told her, “Janet I know you are vulnerable and will lean on someone.”  I just wanted her to know that I cared, but thinking is my forte and while they were mourning I was looking into the situation they are now strong enough to address. I upset Janet because I was looking at business and law issues instead of memorializing Michael.  But I did write a lot of stuff about the brother, but my concern always was Janet, if you look at my web site it is obvious.


But like I said I sensed a third party that was crafty and I sense it was Malik Yoba trying to use his position, role and the situation to make a move, so I decided this was not a good idea.  So I wrote the article about Janet and Jermaine a publicity stunt and blamed Jermaine for the scheme.  So I admit I started this one, but being Jermaine Dupri is who he is, until I settle my accounts, it is better she claim her and Jermaine than be her and Malik Yoba.  I mean we all know Jermaine Dupri is just a jerk by nature of immaturity but Malik may well be crafty with ulterior motives.  Tyler Perry on the real side Janet is no prostitute, no nude or sex scenes please.  “You should not take advantage of God’s children.”  From:  “Everybody has Demons.”


Thank You!


I am being real for a moment!




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