Michael Jackson Memorial Tax money misappropriated or tax misappropriation

MJJ and JDJJMichael Jackson Memorial Tax money misappropriated or tax misappropriation


They spent $4 Million dollars to protect the city during a huge event, not to protect the event be that understood.  The Federal government wants an estimated $80 Million dollars in estate or death tax money.  Michael gave over $300 Million in charitable donations and I have not data on the taxes he already paid prior to the death tax to be imposed against his estate.


In all reality who is coming out way ahead?  The memorial service went smooth and every dollar invested to bring about these results was well worth it.  The question is not was tax payers money misappropriated, but is the death tax a misappropriation of government.  The question is does the copyright act of 1909 supersede the last will of Michael Jackson and negate the rights of these false executors to rape the estate and pay unconstitutional taxes to the federal government out of copyrighted material. 


Remember the last will has not been found valid yet and the arrangement is temporary and the death tax may well be repealed.  In such a case there would be a case of possible misappropriation of tax payer dues, but as it stands to say such a thing is purely shameful.  After all he gave and is still asked to give to the country and the world to insinuate that money was misappropriated by any standards is disgusting.  And let us not forget that the state of California is receiving 10% of the Federal Government’s stimulus package of $787 Billion or about $79 Billion, which 1% comes from Michael estate and the $4 million for the memorial service comes to a trivial amount like what 0.05%.  California needs to just legalize their marijuana and stop acting like a petty panhandler.  Because you obviously do no know Michael Jackson’s fans! 

Do I stand corrected at $1.4 Million?


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  1. How we direct our money speaks volumes about our character. It will be interesting to get to the bottom of this matter.

    Some of us are only interested in making music. Money is of secondary importance.

    When the news first came out, most folks couldn’t picture a country version of Michael Jackson’s classic Billie Jean. Then they heard this sample which was leaked on the internet:

    Billie Jean
    Dr BLT
    country arrangement by Dr BLT
    [audio src="http://www.drblt.net/music/billieDemom.mp3" /]

    Now all of the doubters and naysayers have turned into believers, anxiously awaiting the release of the song at:

    on August 8 (to access, click “music” link and go to the album, From Buck Owens Blvd. to Merle Haggard Drive.

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