Mrs. Jackson & Children should get $2.9 Million not a stipend

katherine-jacksonMrs. Jackson & Children should get $2.9 Million not a stipend


I am just curious about something and will be straight to the point.  They say Michael Jackson owes about $80 Million in estate taxes known as death taxes.  This mean he has about 10 months for his estate to pay this to the federal government.  This also mean that Michael’s estate exceeds a net figure of a minimum of $3.5 Million, but more like $200 Million after debts are paid.


In his Final will they are now going by it requires that his debts to be paid prior to his beneficiaries are to receive their settlement, which is a very good protection mechanism.  Here is my question why are they being offered a stipend while all the wheeling and dealing takes place to settle the estates debts, when the death tax exempts $3.5 Million from taxes.


Here is my point if they owe death taxes his estate exceeds $3.5 Million net after taxes and other debts.  Therefore Michael’s child and his mother who are the beneficiaries already have $3.5 Million that belongs to them minus 20% to charity.  This comes out to 40% to the children and 40% to Mother Katherine or $1.45 Million to the Children and $1.45 to Mother Katherine and $600,000 to a charity to be held in escrow.  I might be wrong but I doubt it, the Jackson Family has a RIGHT to $2.9 Million immediately after it is established Michael owes even one dime in estate taxes, because it is therefore established his estate exceeds $3.5 Million after all debts are paid.  They (the court) has no right to withhold this money from this family.  And Katherine has the right to do with her share of the money as she pleases this is about control and it is wrong


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