Janet Jackson may not show up at O2 Concerts

Janet, Latoya & RebbieJanet Jackson may not show up at O2 Concerts


The word is the Jackson Brothers plan to perform at a couple of tribute concerts the day of and the day after Michael Jackson’s birthday being August 29th and 30th of 2009.  It is supposed to be a major event with a host of stars.  It is not certain if Janet Jackson will participate in these shows, because of scheduling conflicts; she is currently working on a new movie, “Why did I get married too.” 


Rumors are swirling that she wants to be independent of her brothers and for that reason she will be a no show.  Janet loves her family and is devastated by the loss of her brother Michael Jackson.  And there is nothing further from the truth than her not wanting to lend a helping hand to her brothers at such a tribute.  However with her current commitments she and her management feels she might not be able to put on the best show possible as she is committed to doing her best at whatever she does.  Nothing is written in stone at this point.  Will Latoya show up?


The Michael Jackson saga continues to develop.  Like I suspected this may be a case of murder.


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