Was Michael Jackson’s Murder Manslaughter or a Conspiracy?

Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson and UnknownWas Michael Jackson’s Murder Manslaughter or a Conspiracy?


Manslaughter is the killing or cause to death of a person without a pre-meditation or intention to kill or cause death, whether voluntarily or otherwise


In the criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to break the law at some time in the future, and, in some cases, with at least one overt act in furtherance of that agreement.


There are reports from several sources that Dr. Conrad Murray is under investigation now and it is being considered to charge him with Manslaughter.  This would simply make him a fall guy of a much larger scheme.  Michael Jackson was isolated from many who loved him and had several handlers who had to know what was going on.  Perhaps Dr, Murray did not intentional kill Michael but he intentional broke the law knowing the risk factors he chose to play God and his team of managers and handlers also had to know what was going on and this constitutes a conspiracy, because more the one person agreed to break the law.


As I said before Dr. Conrad Murray has to be arrested as soon as possible even if it is for an unrelated charge.  This is for his protection because he also can be found dead.  I mean look how the government mistreats John A. Gotti and hold him on false charges months and years at a time after he made a deal with the government on racketeering charges, because they know they are holding him for ransom.  Here we have a real RICO Act case with Billions on the line and it is being played down as a lone stupid doctor, doing something stupid, to be portrayed as the lone fall guy as business continues as usual.  But remember where the government stops vengeance is the Lords.  This is bigger than Dr. Conrad Murray it was a collaboration of people who had influence over Michael’s life.  There will be a domino effect!


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  1. If the “real” truth is revealed many will have MJ’s blood on their hands…money is the root of all evil.

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