Our Military Veterans profiled as enemies of the state

Janet Napolitano  Secretary of DHSOur Military Veterans profiled as enemies of the state


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized to veterans in a FOX News Interview after a Department of Homeland Security report labeled  troops returning from Iraq and afghan at high risk for being recruited into right wring extremist organizations.  It was a terrible and divisive thing to say.


Just what is a right wing extremist?  I will tell you, people like neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Neo fascists, the religious extremist and the list continues.  The basis of this profile is basically the economy, but I think it goes deeper into the psyche or the mentality of the people who are joining the military in the first place in these times of war in an all voluntary a military.    It is like the Obama Administration is saying who gave these Hillbillies a gun in the first place, now with nothing for them to come back home to we have a new problem?


The Military is about 82% male of that about 61% are white males and it would be deductive reasoning to assume that many of them are being targeted as potential right wing extremist, which in my opinion is divisive, because on the contrary they should come home to a heroes welcome, be offered priorities to new Federal and State jobs, given job training and psychiatric and medical care, because it is reasonable to assume many of them will be damage goods as are many war veterans and veterans period.  But it goes further; the Obama Administration went as far as to try to discourage these new veterans from even going to the VA Medical Centers, by introduction legislation to make their personal insurance reimburse the VA for services, which was shot down.




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