Jermaine Dupri Dumped Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson at BETJermaine Dupri Dumped Janet Jackson


How many times have they breakup to makeup?  Cannot count it can you?  What was the main occurrence when they broke up?  Janet would remain silent, but Jermaine would suffocate the media, which things like we are still together or Janet is not pregnant and we are still together, but never, has Janet gone public with the breakup.  But this time where is Jermaine Dupri?


The breakup in my opinion is far from official as Janet Jackson continues to pursue Jermaine Dupri.  The problem was the relationship seemed to be based on needs being his money and her fame and Janet may not have what she once had to offer.  I mean we all know it is about the money and money will get an ugly dude a fine ass women, but maybe Jermaine thinks he can do better now being Janet is not a young chick anymore at 43 years old.  Sure she is age appropriate for older men but Jermaine Dupri is 36 years old and still has party in him and is not trying to settle down with an older woman Janet age 43.


From what Janet told me I believe she is on the down low trying to rekindle this relationship, because she is all about the Benjamin’s, when she should humble herself and get back with her family.  I mean Jermaine can get him a 29 or 30 years old woman and start a family with someone age appropriate who is fine with all the trimmings.  It is like Janet tried to use Jermaine and got played now she is 43 years old and used and damaged goods.  Everybody sees Janet’s beauty as Jermaine seems presentably challenged, but he has the money, Janet is not making hit records thanks to him, but he is young and can do better now, because Janet is no longer headline news, yes she can comeback but for now she is yesterday’s news, without a record deal.


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