Janet Jackson’s First Love is Money

Janet Jackson Super Bowl PhotoJanet Jackson’s First Love is Money


When Janet had it like that she ran behind pretty boys supporting their extravagant taste and was taken for a ride.  She also got use to the high life.  If you noticed Janet and Latoya got close to people who were a part of there careers, like managers, on the streets we called them panders and pimps, people who promise you the world but are all for self, you remember Jack Gordon, he had Latoya doing porn and took her for everything, now we have Jermaine Dupri and Janet, but do you remember Rene Elizondo and the millions he raked in for taking photos and keeping secrets?  Jermaine is no different he cash in on the milking cow and now she is used up.  So many sad stories!  But Janet had a good run.


Jermaine Dupri personally I underestimated, with his cross dressing and homo acts I took him as a homosexual, but he turned out to be a slick businessman also and Janet being in the business as long as she has been could be called simply dumb, but we will go with green to street smarts. 


First if you remember in 2004 I believe Janet experienced the nipple-gate at the Super Bowl and I blamed Justin Timberlake who later told me he was setup and it was planned.  I remember on the news that day Jermaine Dupri describe it as sexy with a smile on his face.  Red flags should have sky rocketed but I underestimated him.  Janet never recovered from that event.  Then he produced album after album that were flops and a tour that was not anything it was supposed to be, now the once her men’s supporter depends on an ugly midget to try to maintain her lifestyle without family support. 


Why did this happen because it came too easy to her and she believed the fantasy and when she had it she chose money over knowledge and glamour over reality and as a result lost the trust of those who really cared about her  and the one person who was always in her corner may well abandon her.  “You reap what you sow.” Nobody left Janet in a time of need, she abandoned those who cared for fake friends, you cannot split up what was never in reality you just see their true colors.  “Everybody love a star, but nobody is around when the star comes down,” but disgruntled love.


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