“The Idle Dreamer” Screenplay Summary

Paul & Janet“The Idle Dreamer” Screenplay Summary

Can one die of a broken heart?


I think loneliness can wear a person down.  If a person heart is broken it can lead to a nervous breakdown that can lead to the dependence of medications and anyone who has any experience with psychotropic medications knows it has side effects.  I know a guy who fell in love with a woman who had him not in her heart at all.  But his love for her was greater than her lack of love for him; still she had no love for him.  He lost it and had a nervous breakdown that required psychiatric help.


For many years he was under psychiatric care and he was diagnosed as being in love with someone who did not love him also.  They tried many medications and called him delusional because he believed she love him but she did not and everyone could see it but him.


Over time the side effects kick in and he became diabetic due directly from the medications, so in reality she made him sick, or was the sickness self inflicted?  Regardless his love for her became not only mental but also physical as his body started to deteriorate.  It got to the point that he could not even sleep without medications and needed caffeine to wakeup, his whole life became unnatural.  As his family and friends asked him could this possibly be love or is it insanity?


 This is the question that has to be answered in the screenplay the Idle Dreamer!  


The Soundtrack


No tears in my eyes


By: Frank Paul Jones © 2009 AKA Gambino Productions


In my bed I think, about how I wish it could be

All alone, in my friendless house

They say a house is not a home, unless you have someone

But I pray in a lonely place, that place is my bed…


No tears in my eyes, No tears in my eyes

Because my heart won’t let me see, my eyes are deceiving me

No tears in my eyes, No tears in my eyes

A slave to love, will I die of being lonely


…Then will she want to be my friend?




(Interlude) I can’t sleep at night…

Love is a Lie


By: Frank Paul Jones © 2009 AKA Gambino Productions


The fairytale we are told is someday you will find love

But the reality is love is in-love with money

I learned the hard way nobody needs love

All they need is food on the plate and roof over their head


Everyday on the radio they drill you about success

While the good book tells that the one who loves is blessed

But what good is love, when you’re sitting home all alone

Watching the one you love in-love with a man called success….




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