Janet Jackson back on Track & Paula Abdul Just is Due

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson back on Track & Paula Abdul Just is Due


It looks like Janet is really putting the focus back on herself.  By the way I never meant that Janet was old and over the hill I am 7 years her senior, just that she was too mature for the childish dramas she was publicizing. In fact I think she is making all the right moves now.  I think if she continues in this direction only good things will happen for her.  The Super Bowl SNAFU will it ever be forgotten or forgiven, perhaps the latter, but can a person be forgiven if they did no wrong?  Well even if the wardrobe malfunctioned the act was bad.  I mean the lyrics lead us to the believed conclusion to what may have been her career’s worst stunt in the high tech digital media world.


I mean the naked eye did not see a damn thing but the aftermath, it was the electric eyes that busted her, in what seemed to be a not well thought out stunt, masterminded by someone who did not consider the electric eyes on a person who has been the target of the Paparazzi for most of her life.  One word to describe this is “DUMB.”  Anyway enough of that!  It seems a new Janet is about to endeavor in new things and only time will tell.

 Paula Abdul

So what is up with Paula?  I heard she was getting $4 Million and wanted $12 Million and quit the show over this contract dispute.  I believe this when the show starts without her.  You never know however in Hollywood, they may have paid her to quit, a code for fired with severance pay.  How would it have sounded if they said American Idol fired Paula Abdul to cut costs?  Will she be replaced? If they replace her then I will believe the hype if not I have to conclude she was fired on the down low.  Again only time will tell.  I really wonder how Janet would do on American Idol, if just a guest on the panel.  Who knows maybe American Idol will add that dimension to the show and include a guest panelist on show.  Anyway Paula made a name for herself and I am certain she will get her just due.



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