Janet Jackson on a focused Mission

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson on a focused Mission


Janet Jackson completed the filming of “Why did I get married too,” directed by Tyler Perry and is now focusing on her next album due for release in 2010.  It looks like 2010 will be a good year for Janet.  She has my best wishes!


Also she is about to do an autobiography, that discusses how she dealt with issues during her illustrious career that is far from over.  I was talking to my nephew Raymond whose advice I often take and we was discussing Janet, where she is in her career now and what would be the wisest evolutionary process.


He thinks that Janet does not have to compete with the younger talent, as she had her turn of being as Michael called it the PYT (Pretty Young Thing) not to be confused I think she is still gorgeous.  But acts like Janet Jackson have to once again lead the way for the younger talents like for example Beyonce.  As Janet already showed them how to do what they are now doing, as we know there are so many Janet Jackson Clones performing Hip Hop and R&B today, now the question is how do they evolve into a middle age successful act.


There is the movie thing Janet is doing, the book deal, but on the music tip does the music mature and grow with the fans.  I mean in reality the kids that once were Janet’s fans are all grown up now and are dealing with real issues as everyone are looking for solutions.  As her book will deal with real issues, will also her music do the same?  We no longer need Janet to tell us about how good sex is we have been there done that and for many it is still a part of life.  But with the recession in this world economy, single parents, gangs competing with the education system, the devastation crack left behind and I can go on, I think the Rhythm Nation has unfinished business.  Like Whitney Houston’s new song that is starting to catch on to me, we are hungry for more message songs that are real and true to the heart, that can help us make it through the day.   I think Janet’s challenge is to be upbeat, sincere and meaningful all in one.


What do you think?


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  1. janets back bitches to reclaim her throne beyonce is goin to watchin tv swagger jack the best as she been doin all her carrer . All her black and white videos which she claim is a new idea janet did that with rhythm nation, her new album cover is the same as janet jackson album cover shes back with a vengence

  2. QUESTIon for you . Do you have video of Michael Jackson in NY July 6 7 8 9 10 2002

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