Bow Wow Asked Who AM I

bow wow and omarionBow Wow Asked Who AM I


First of all did not write that article about Bow Wow being a sissy, it was a rumor created by someone else, that I followed up on.  The theory behind the article I wrote was not that Bow Wow was a sissy, but if he was why this would disturb Jermaine Dupri.  I mean Jermaine was supposed to be the woman’s man who managed the Rock Witchu Tour that included a bunch of people of different sexual orientations.  That was all I said, if he is so open to people being of all sexual orientations unless it is domestic, so what IF allegedly Bow Wow is gay than what is the problem he has with that, unless he is also and in a relationship with him.


Bow Wow insulted me and put me down, from my grammar to my interest in Janet.  He used the term obsessed I do not have a tattoo in name and most certainly in face on my body.  I do not have a bunch of pictures on my walls home or at the office.  But I have the right to love without Bow Wow’s consent of all people.  I am not a journalist or English major; I studied the paralegal profession and graduated with high honors.  I blog because I enjoy doing it and not to impress people concerning my superb grammar, so save it! However I am not afraid to speak my mind and share it on the internet.


But to be so inner circle in that crowd and not know who I am until yesterday as you put it, only shows how small you are and not me.  Because those who know, do know who I am and you do not want to make me out of your enemy due to insults.


Like I told Janet I will share this with you in this open letter:


People think fame is power, but fame without popularity is a weakness unless you are in a position of authority.  Money properly used can become authority.


Did I make sense this time?  I hope you understood the message!  But was you just born yesterday!  Enjoy your youth do not look for enemies, especially those you do not know.  They might be bigger than you think poor grammar and all!





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  1. good message

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