Cubase 4.5.2 & Reason 4.0.1 are Vista 64 Compatible

Adobe AuditionCubase Cubase 4.5.2 & Reason 4.0.1 are Vista 64 CompatibleReason 4.0.1 Screenshot


I tried a lot of combinations with software recording applications, because I built my home studio based on trial and error.  There is a lot of stuff out there and based on your OS, there is no one shoe fits all.  My best bet turned out to be Cubase 4.5.2 and Reason 4.0.1 as a music creation and studio software and Adobe Audition 3.0.1 does a fine job for editing, I am sure there are better applications to edit but this is what I have along with SoundSoap Pro 1.2.1.  The Cubase DAW (Pronounced DAA) has an excellent none destructive editing environment.  I think it defeats the purpose to use its destructive editors, let the others do the dirty work in the mastering phase.


Sony says Acid Pro 7 is Vista 64 Compatible, but does not guarantee stability and my experience with Acid Pro 7c with Vista 64 bit is it is not stable it crashes too often.  My computer is about as good as a PC gets, the nomenclature need not be mentioned but trust me on this, I have a powerful processor.  Acid Pro 7c needs to be updated to 7d with a Vista 64 specific bit driver.


In any case you can ReWire Reason 4.0.1 as a slave with Cubase Studio 4.5.2 as the Host as well as loop Acid and REX2 files using the new loop browser with the ability of tempo change.  Cubase 4.5.2 is the writer composer version of Cubase you might want Cubase 4 to produce other people, I understand there is a Cubase v4.1 SP1 put on the market recently.  I use Cubase Studio 4.5.2 which is proven to work in the Vista 64 bit environment.


I have several VSTi and VST effects that I managed to find drivers or upgrades for most of them to operate in the Vista 64 bit environment.  A company named Big Fish Audio is a popular dealer of Acid /Wave, Wave & REX loops.  Also I believe Sony is the pioneer of Acid loop files.  With Cubase you can use the Acid and REX2 files with tempo change, but you cannot change the tempo of a Wave file in Cubase, whereby you can in Acid Pro 7 but it is not stable in Vista 64 bit environment.  The good thing however is that most of Big Fish Audio Loops are in Wave, REX2 and Apple Loops on the same DVD and Sony is pure Acidized loops.  So in most cases you can run Big Fish Audio in REX2 opposed to Wave on Cubase or Reason and run Acid on Cubase.  This is the option I chose to run loops.


Reason 4.0.1 has excellent devices such as the ReDrum, Thor, NN-XT, NN-19, Malstrom, and Subtractor and of course the Dr. Rex Player to run REX2 files, there are too many VSTi and VST to mention that run on Cubase and Vista 64 bit.  The bottom-line is that the only limitation, with a good microphone, Audio Interface and MIDI controller and I use a reflection filter and SoundSoap one opposed to a soundproof booth, is the imagination and ability, because the capability is there.

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  1. What interface do you use? I bought cubase 4 a little while ago and have reason 3, but my presonus firebox is driving me crazy!

  2. I started out with System 4, which was CubaseSL-3 with the audio interface MI4. I upgraded to Cubase Studio 4.5.2 and they developed drivers to make MI4 Vista 64 bit compatible. Cubase has an audio interface out there for a reasonable price check out Guitar Center and Steinberg audio interfaces. Finding a MI4 is hard, because they are durable and dependable. If you can afford it, get Propellerhead Record/Reason Duo, it will ReWire with Cubase as one program. These together with an editing program will give you endless capabilities. I will stop being lazy and tell you what affordable Steinberg interface is out there.

    The Steinberg CI2 is a USB-powered audio interface and controller with Advanced Integration features.

  3. can yo help me i have troble ever time i rewire reason to cubase i can get my reason window to appear befor the window loads it gives me a error that says resoans is all ready in use are i have to cheek my resons rewire service

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