Janet Jackson 2010 Teams up with Sound Designers

Janet, Latoya & RebbieJanet Jackson 2010 Teams up with Sound Designers


With possible Monster Energy drink commercials on the table, and a few songs being catered old and new for commercial jingles as Janet Jackson is consulting with sound designers to test new sounds.  If her sound clear, different, upbeat in tempo and in heart, and is sincere and meaningful, she is well on her way to a big hit album and autobiography. 


Janet Jackson’s highly anticipated new album is due to be release in 2010 as well as “Why did I get Married Too,” which she landing a starring role in a sequel to the blockbuster, written and directed by Tyler Perry.  As Janet is busier now than she has been in long time and is devastated by the loss of her brother Michael, it is all being overshadowed by her breakup with JD, who seems to think it is still all about him in an article about his departure from Def Jam stating They [weren’t] prepared for a person like myself,” says JD.


Janet Jackson new 2010 projects are independent of him, so we will see if it was a bad situation that caused her much trouble or if she is not as popular as she once was.  For certain she is very famous, but the real question is do people still sincerely like her and love her or did she become a conversation piece.


I think Janet is well on her way of turning her career around regardless of all the back publicity of the past.  I look forward to Janet Jackson 2010.  With all the new technology and her old fashion talent and creativity, I think we are all up for a delightful surprise in 2010.  In the meanwhile I think she is handling herself well.  I think Janet Jackson is a strong black woman!



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