Catching him-her on the Rebound

Janet & AliciaJanet Catching him-her on the ReboundAlicia


The rebound woman is often a temporary position, dealing with a man who is confused and do not know what he wants.  Often men use women to get over another woman and when he does he moves on, because he never respected her in the beginning or never would have put you in the position of his number two woman or other girl play toy.  He would have simply waiting instead of satisfying his immediate self gratifications. 


On the other hand the other woman often chooses to be the other lover to avoid commitment.  She plays the role of the other girl knowing the guy is confused and to her attractive and do not know what he wants at the time and when he becomes available she no longer is, because she never loved him to that degree.  I know because I been there and done that.  In both cases someone get hurt, unless it was a game by both from the beginning.


Everybody has there motivations some short term and others long term.  As for me I am passed the stage of playing games, but this was not always the case.  So I do not want to be anyone’s rebound relationship, because I know if it was meant to it will happen in time.  But being a floozy or a trick will only make your position more temporary, and if that is what you want, who to judge am I?  Like I said I been there and done that.

You may find it hard to understand why something is taking so long but getting hot under the collar about it won’t change a thing. In fact, you could set your aims back even further if you get emotional. Be patient. It will happen when it happens.

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