Health Care Reform Bill 1,017 pages? A Solution!

President Obama Official PortraitHealth Care Reform Bill 1,017 pages?  A Solution!


According to an average of 11,673 bills over the passed 53 years have been introduced?   Who reads this stuff most certainly not our elected officials, so exactly whose hands is this country in?  The funny thing about this bill is that most of the Senators and Congressmen do not see any real reason to read this health care reform bill.  Jokingly House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer laughed at the idea of reading the health care bill.  Nobody really understands it, does this mean President Obama is an ingenious or a front man?


I mean can you vote a bill into law that is unconstitutional?  And is there anyway of knowing is the bill is constitutional without being able to read and interpret it and it is 1,017 page long? 


You would think that they might pass this bill because President Obama seems to be laying down his presidency on the bill as a success or failure act.


This is what I think they should do.  I think they should assign a committee or our best elected scholars, who will be committed to first officially interpreting this bill to the level of layman terms and then reducing the bill to no more than 200 pages of the most important content that will act as a foundation to a new direction in health care and over the next 2 years continue to develop a comprehensive plan of health care reform.


It is my humble opinion that a real reform in health care will have to be based on three fundamental rationales.


#1: Diseases must be cured as the goal of the pharmaceutical industry and not simply treated perpertually.  A capital incentive should be implemented to this end.


#2: By curing diseases instead of treating them we can realistically afford to deliver universal health care to not just all Americans but the world.  Everyone in the United States should have health care by the year of 2012.


#3: The Congress has to uniformly accept that stem cells and perhaps for moral reasons not necessarily embryonic stem cells is the only real solution to reach this end.  We must not only allow but heavily fund stem cell research as a means to cure diseases and AIDS should be on the top of the list of diseases that are public enemies.  AIDS is now public enemy number one!

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