Will Janet Perform at the Music of Black Origin Awards?

Janet JacksonWill Janet Perform at the Music of Black Origin Awards?

The issue on the business front is if the use Michael’s name or material, the family has to give them some form of consent, just like they need to give Janet an invitation. This cannot intentionally be a Jackson blackout!  The decision is all business!

The way I see it Janet Jackson wants to be a part of this show, Michael Joseph Jackson ® is a trademark and you want to promote the show in his name.  You might need permission to do that from the Jackson Family, as she needs permission to be on the show, Quad pro quo.  I mean we all know these shows are meant promote artists and if you do it in the name of Michael how can you blackout the Jackson Family?


Statement by MOBO

Following recent reports in the press, MOBO would like to clarify that we have never confirmed that Janet Jackson has been invited or will be attending/performing at this year’s MOBO Awards, in Glasgow on September 30th.

As was reported, we will always welcome her at our show and as a previous MOBO presenter, we loved her past involvement and will continue to support her music and champion her career. Yet, at this stage we cannot comment on Janet Jackson’s association with the 2009 MOBO Awards. However, there are lots of exciting things going on currently and we look forward to announcing them shortly!

We, as ever, appreciate your ongoing interest in the show – please keep coming back to mobo.com for future developments!

Many thanks,





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