Can Janet Jackson do independently?

Home StudioCan Janet Jackson do independently?


Let us face it, the days of monster studios as a necessity to create excellent sound has passed.  Mega stars to semi pro artists are doing it at home now, starting with an entry level of about $10 or $15G, you can produce great sound at home and for $40G to $50G, you can just about anything done in a major recording studio, because the software available is awesome and the hardware fairly inexpensive.  Alicia Keys has a home studio and  a record deal.


Exactly what is the main difference between a major and independent label?  One has its own distribution network and you have to have mega sales to profit and the other requires outsourcing distribution gives you more artistic control and you can make more selling less albums?


Really what is $50G+ for Janet and Jam to put together a modern recording studio with the latest updates?  Hell I managed to put together a damn good home recording studio on a minor budget, so why are people in doubt when Janet says she is focusing on her album like if she needs a record label or their permission to make music.  That is nonsense!


With Janet and Jam united, Flyte Time, Black Doll and hell maybe even I might write her a hit, Janet can do whatever she set her mind to.  Right now I am doing research on my studio, for me it is a second job meaning sometimes I have to stop recording to update and upgrade and relearn my repertoire before I engage in what tends to be something different from my last sessions.  But Jam and Janet can wakeup 2 am in the morning because of an idea in a dream and go into the studio at a local location, me I have to go to work in the morning so I have to plan when I record.


My point is that now that Black Doll is running a few more things which is owned by Janet Jackson.  Do not be surprised by anything that comes out that camp.  I mean Janet has a talented family, who can always contribute as a ghost.  Do not doubt Janet Jackson she has all the resources to do whatever she pleases.  Because all it takes is a soundproof booth and room and a trip to Guitar Center.


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