The under $40G Home Studio DAW – Room not included

Home StudioThe under $40G Home Studio DAW

Room not included

Check the Capstone Zulu ReverbNation store


vocal boothSoundproof Booth



ISOPAC E 6′ wide x 6′ deep x 6.5′ high $1,730.00

IsoPacs E, F, and G are fully enclosed voice over booths that can also function as an instrument isolation booth. They are offered in a 4’, 5’ and 6’ diameter size.

The IsoPac H is a portable, small sized vocal / voice-over booth that is best suited for interpretation functions or as a voice over booth. The booth has a 5.5′ height, is 5.5′ across and 4.5′ deep.

These voice over and vocal booths are lightweight and portable. The acrylic wraps around the front of the booth, while the Sorber panels wrap around the rear. Since Sorber panels don’t actually connect to the ClearSonic Panels, you can simply use one side of an S5-2 (two sections hinged together) as a “door” for easy entry.





PC Audio Labs Rok Box Pro Desktop Computer  $1,999.00


Steinberg FireWire Interface, Cubase 5, and Cubase Controller Recording Package 3  $1,999.99


JBL 5.1 Surround Sound System $2,599.00


Novation X-Station 61 MIDI Controller $739.99

DoubleSight DS-1900S 19 Inch Dual Monitor  $729.99

AKG C 4000 B Stage and Studio Condenser Microphone  $649.00

SE Electronics SERF Reflexion Filter 3.5  $299.99

Two Sets Grado RS1i Reference Series Headphones  $695.00 each.

Primera 62743 Bravo II DVD & CD Duplicator  $1,999.99



The Foundation applications I think are best


Steinberg Cubase 5 – included in above package


Propellerhead Reason 4.0.1


Ableton Live 8


Sony Acid Pro 7c


Adobe Audition


Steinberg Wave lab 6


Bias Master Perfection Suite


Bias SoundSoap 2.2




Native Instruments Komplete 5

Cakewalk the Ultimate Synth Rack

Native Instruments Kore 2 Collection and Software




Antares Vocal Collections

Bias SoundSoap Pro 1.2.1







Some Wave Construction Kits


Reason Refills


Reason Refills

Sonic Refills

Other brands




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