To: President Obama – An Open Letter

President Obama Official PortraitTo: President Obama – An Open Letter

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 April 2009

RE: We Need Health Reform & it is not the debate


Here are two articles I wrote about health reform as I see it.  I know the letter is long but not near 1,017 pages.  Maybe what I am saying is a way to pay for the health care reform bill?  Why not tax sugar, salt and fatty foods, to subsidize putting a healthy dish on the table of every American?  It would bring back Americans to work in agriculture and farms because it would bring more money to the workers and most importantly save lives.  To sum this letter up if you do not find time to read it in full I simple say this:


Health Reform should start on the dinner table and gymnasium; we are a suicidal society, cure diseases and stop just treating them.



Digestion infection injection rights called Health Reform


America is the food capital of the world, I mean like well over 50% of the world’s cereal comes from the United States.  We are talking about grain a key ingredient to cattle as is water both of which we ship abundantly. 


So the government wants to overhaul the health industry in America, so that all Americans are covered.  I am stuck on why, is it to treat illnesses the government creates?  I mean the average American can only afford to eat slop, fatty foods, and foods high on sodium, we are pandered with sweets.  So on one hand you say we want to give every American health care, but only the fortunate Americans can afford to eat right?


Why in America is it not cheaper to eat foods good for you and more expensive to eat junk, when we say health care is going through the roof?  It is like saying we are going to give you obesity and diabetes and in exchange we offer you insulin.


Health Reform should make eating healthy cheaper


Now there is talk about the individual responsibility to eat right as a means to reduce bad health related costs.  But it is cheaper to eat fats and sweets opposed to organic foods or just simply healthy foods.  Real health reform has to address more than the health insurance industry and pharmaceutical industries, it has to touch base with the real American issue which is healthy living.


I think in my humble opinion, there has to be incentives in the food industry to produce healthier foods at cheaper prices.  We tax the hell out of cigarettes and alcohol but give sugar and fats a free ride and it is killing literally killing Americans at a rate that is unrestricted. 


A man asked me if I told you that if you eat right I will add 5 years to your life would you accept it.  I wanted the deal but I had to be honest and I told him, if they made healthy food as cheap as unhealthy food, I would eat healthier, but it cost more to eat correctly.  I as many Americans is on a budget and cannot afford healthy foods.


So the United States Government contradicts itself, by saying we need to give everyone a health plan, but we plan to kill you with cheap sugar and fats.  Perhaps we need to revamp the food stamps program and give people an incentive to eat right by paying the higher prices at the register if one chooses to do so.  Since it is the poor without insurance we need to reduce the need as well.  I do not know the answer though I do, really it is simple reduce the costs of healthy foods and tax the killers such as sugar and fats and that will reduce the health cost in the United States more than any health reform.


Finally a one pound box of salt should costs $10; because that is the amount of damage it does to the body at 400 servings per container.  Americans are being poisoned at the supermarket.


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