Mariah will be sued and did Janet & JD split over slanderous song

Mariah Carey PictureMariah will be sued and did Janet & JD split over slanderous song


Obsessed was originally written for Janet Jackson who refused to perform the song for legal reasons of slander.  Somehow Jermaine Dupri convinced Mariah to perform the song as her original.  Mariah is an interloper.  But as I posted the lyrics it is clear the song is about a lie Janet told and not the life experiences of Mariah, so what does that make Janet Jackson a key witness in a case of slander and libel?


Frank Paul Gambino calls on Mariah to not play the pawn of midget man Jermaine Dupri, as they use the term (Napoleon Complex) “Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex” Jermaine is the little fellow, I am 6 feet tall

Napoleon complex is a term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature.  I guess I am the exception?  I do not think so, Jermaine is the one who always does nutty things for attention and puts it on blast, but this was the nuttiest of all, because it may well transcend into a major lawsuit, because I know where I been what I did and with who and contrary to popular belief no doctor will diagnose me as delusional and Mariah you are no psychiatrist to make such clinical claims.


Unlike you I can call you a stupid ho and get away with it because you are a celebrity and is fair game and I am not.


Libel and Slander:  Defamatory matter is broken down into two twins, being libel and slander, libel is written and slander is oral you are guilty of both.  Have your lawyer check out the elements to slander, then all I ask is you drop the song or we might meet in court and Janet true loyalty will be measured and you might find out the truth the hard way, as I suspect you will play dumb to the facts.


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  1. Your a loser get over yourself you’re seriously obsessed with Mariah haha loser

  2. Just let her be.she’s a wonderful musician i’ve ever seen.i luv her.

  3. ooh my good i wotn to see you a realy i like you hun :S how can i speak with you i am albanian girl i am so sory becuse i don’t now to speack english because i cAN’T learn this language becuase i don’t have time but plz mariah come and take me :S ilove you so much hun plz take me take my add and we can talk:D

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