Should the AAC Control Chartered School in their Communities?

Frank Paul GambinoShould the AAC Control Chartered School in their Communities?


The AAC should control chartered schools in the African American Community.  It is a fact that we are by proportion to population the largest consumer group in the world verse being business owners.  Meaning we spend much more than we make as a community of people.  So there is a demand for black business people and entrepreneurs.  Sure we need or share of jobs in the job market, but we need leadership in the black community to compete in the business sector as corporate board member and business owners large and small.


Do you know that people in college based on needs are allowed to use electronic devices in class and during tests, based on special needs?   Can the Governor of New York read a book in the traditional sense?  Of course not he is blind and went through college as a student with special needs.  Many black children have special needs that must be recognized and addressed.


We confuse illiterate with someone being plain stupid, I mean just because a person was not thought does not make them un-teachable or brainless in slang.  I strongly feel that illiteracy is as much special a need as blindness, because in both cases the person cannot see.  We give a blind person a reader and a disabled person a calculator and electronic dictionary, a computer and whatever it takes to get a degree.  But the illiterate we give prison.  This is not right!


I am for Chartered School in Urban Areas as a choice but what is the accountability that must be met?  My mother graduated Tuskegee Institute 1949.  There was a time when black people could not go to white schools.


Chartered Schools could produce leaders as accountability criteria, give them all computers and use electronics for assisted learning.  The question is what is special needs is illiteracy a special need?  I mean Homosexuals are a protected group, as are so many diverse groups?  What cannot special need be diverse?  We can produce college grads in black colleges in return for public money.  I say illiteracy is a special need passed a certain age and we should use everything to or advantage to teach them instead of testing out of the system.  We should teach them how to learn!


AAC = African American Community:








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