A Question by Rev. Al Sharpton and Frank Paul Gambino Response

A Question by Rev. Al Sharpton and Frank Paul Gambino Response


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Rev. Al Sharpton 

Rev. Al Sharpton


If someone in your family or close circle of friends committed a crime, would you turn them in or just remain silent?

 Frank Paul Gambino

Frank Paul Gambino


Under the law you are innocent until proven guilty.  Are the Confederation above the law and the Constitution below it?


Paul said he was above the law but put himself under it to save the sinners.  So who am I to judge my brother except among brothers?


The answer to your question is yes because it is politically correct, but is that reality?


There are two Americas, since when was the States United, the Illuminati is the Confederation.  The laws were made for the weak.


The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati


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