Janet J. May Lead Jackson’s Tour & Michael’s Burial

Janet #17The Jackson BrothersJanet, Latoya & RebbieJanet J. May Lead Jackson’s Tour & Michael’s Burial


Timing is everything as Michael Jackson will be place in his final resting place on his 51st birthday and what is billed as a simple ceremony, but will his fans allow it to be simple?  Michael will be placed to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park according to several sources 3rd party information of an unnamed source close to the family.  What I hear is that this will be temporary and the family has much bigger plans for the King of Pop, but only time will tell.  In any case this saga ends for now.


There are rumors swirling about a Jackson Family tour to be led by Janet and Jermaine Jackson as the stars or headliners.  There is word that Janet is working on new material for her upcoming album,  As Jermaine has been tweaking the music technology DAW as he entered the home studio thing, there is no telling what the Jackson have in stored to their fans in 2010.


It is not clear who will be promoting the tour you have Live Nation, AEG Live and ALLGood Entertainment who has been silent since Michael’s death and claimed they have a contract for the performance of the Jackson Family.  I do not know if Michael’s death nullifies the deal or did they officially opt out, but something has to be put on paper in order for the Jackson’s plans to be sue-proof.  You know how it goes after success old law suit surface.


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