Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite

Durty Ground ENT.Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite


First cousins Raymond Jones and Dahoud Smith found a middle ground and is working together in long distance collaboration, as Raymond and the Durty Crew are recording the poetic words into lyrics and music known as Rap, taking an East Coast swing and giving it some Dirty South slang.  Raymond Jones and Dahoud’s mother Egeria Jordan are in talks with Black Doll owned by Janet Jackson, to arrange these recording sessions to insure professional results in a studio located in South Carolina.  Raymond originally from the infamous Queensbridge, that produced artists such as NAS, Mob Deep and Noriega and Capone and producers Marly Marl who produced the Queensbridge  anthem and LES is working out of the South as Dahoud represents the Lower East Side (The LES) of New York City.


This project is projected to be released in the mid 2010 and will be introduced to the world by Janet Jackson, as Janet starts to sign other artist to her production company, as for distribution all the activities have not been disclosed, but as Dahoud told me we have big plans.  A few songs were recorded and mastered and I heard some of them and they are exciting and messaged filled, perhaps this is Dahoud’s redemption.  Raymond says, “I think Dahoud will be the next big thing in rap.”  Will 50 Cent, Jay Z and Eminem have to make room for new chart toppers, maybe not I mean Rick Ross and Kenya West is on a strong run and the message of the PTS Underground  is like night and day as they are not spiritual in genre they are out to save lives and curb criminal behavior in the black community, with a gangster twist only real gangsters can submit.  They are not all talk but paid for their actions on the streets of the past.

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