Janet Jackson 2010 Might Use New Songwriters

Paul & DahoudAlicia #11Janet JacksonJanet Jackson 2010 Might Use New Songwriters


Janet Jackson album is to be released in 2010 and she is currently in the process of writing songs for the project.  What surprised me is that she is open to the use of material by new songwriters and not just writers with name recognition.  In particular there is this songwriter/Hip Hop artist named Dahoud Smith who put together some smoker lyrics and poems, that many have been put together with tight music and the result were spectacular.  Black Doll is in the process of attempting to have this stuff heard by industry leaders.


But not so fast, Janet is considering using some of this stuff for herself, she like all who auditioned Dahoud works found him to be a man of vision, on top of contemporary issues and touches the heart as he explains from experience how crime does not pay.  I am not going to giveaway any of his works at this time, but trust me the guy is talented, and who better to do some of his works than Janet.  Also Janet is in talks with Alicia Keys.


Dahoud may not get out of prison before his music hits the airwaves but he may be home soon enough and the Hip Hop/ Rap industry might have to make room for a new kingpin represented the LES (Lower Eastside) of New York City.  Dahoud R. Smith AKA Dahuzi will be in coming out soon.


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